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Top 5 Faves: Orlando Coffee Shops

Like any major city, there is no shortage of coffee shops and cafes to choose from in Orlando. If you search “coffee shop” on yelp you get over 200 results! While I am sure plenty of these locations are perfectly good, I have compiled a list of my Top 5 Faves for you to help narrow down the search.

Things I take into consideration:

  • Both coffee and tea options
  • Atmosphere and seating
  • Veg*n food choices and dairy subs
  • Entertainment & Free Wifi
  • Location, location, location

My Favorite Orlando Coffee Shops:

5. Craft & Common

Horchata matcha and toast at Craft & Common coffee shop
Horchata Matcha & the best toast I’ve ever had.

Craft & Common is located in the heart of downtown Orlando, so parking is a pain, but if you are having a downtown day it is a nice treat! The inside is very cute and trendy, a neon sign setup creates the perfect spot for very ‘gram worthy photos. The drink menu is good, I had their seasonal horchata matcha last time I went. It was a genius invention, seriously so good. They also have a few food options including a variety of yummy toasts. They are the #3 result on yelp, not too shabby! It only loses points in my book for parking and slightly higher prices (nothing too crazy though).

4. Deeply Coffee

I found this cute little place after visiting the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market, it was a short walk from the lake and close to other downtown sights. We walked so I am not sure how the parking is but it seemed like they had spaces of their own (which can be rare downtown). The atmosphere is simple but bright with big windows, wood furniture, and a few plants. There are good coffee and tea selections, I had a red chai latte and it was AMAZING, but it may have been seasonal. The food is pretty basic but good, mostly quick breakfast foods. They have oat and almond milk options, and the baristas are very friendly!

3. Austin’s Coffee

Austin’s would have been my #1 choice if they weren’t located in Winter Park. If you are ever in the area I LOVE this place. It has that charming, hipster vibe that I love while also serving great drinks (coffee, tea, and beer) and a variety of food options. Again they have non-dairy milks and non-meat foods. It’s kind of a requirement to make this list.

If you are ever free on a Tuesday night and want to have a good time, head to Austin’s open mic night. My best friend and I used to go every week before she moved and it was always a loud, fun, good time. Make sure you get there early to grab a seat because it fills up fast! They also have stand up comedy and poetry nights, or you can use the board games and books they have in the back of the shop.

2. Stardust Video & Coffee 

Do you want to feel like you’re the main character in an indie film? Look no further than the adorable, eclectic Stardust. As the name suggests they have a movie screen and stage for events, they have movie nights and open mic nights. It is located near the Audubon Park area which is close to the East End Market if you want to visit more cute, local shops!

The shop itself has a bunch of seating options in multiple rooms. There are lights and lanterns hanging from the ceiling and art everywhere. It is very cute and the food & drink options don’t disappoint. They have tea, coffee, food, and alcoholic beverages to choose from. There are meat and dairy free options as well. Stardust is also the #5 result on Yelp! Most negative reviews I’ve seen are about the wait time, but I have never been during their busier hours.

1. Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

scone and tea at Drunken Monkey cafe
Fruity Pebbles Scone & a Hot Tea

I’m not saying Yelp is always right, but with about 500 reviews it is hard to argue with the #1 result. Located off of Bumby Ave near the local food-rich Mills district, this cute little coffee shop has everything I look for. There’s a mixture of couch seating and regular tables & chairs giving a cozy/chill look. They have tea, smoothies, and coffee that is roasted in-house and fair trade. Drunken Monkey also has milk alternatives and vegan/gluten free food options! I have visited for both a quick cup of tea and to hang out for hours with friends, I never feel rushed and the employees are always helpful and kind! They also have a  drive-thru option that is rare in local cafes and a printer you can pay to use if needed.

Honorable mentions: Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux (Orlando), Foxtail Coffee Bar (Winter Park & Orlando), Paloma (Windermere).

What is your favorite coffee shop in Orlando? Comment below, I am always looking for new cafes to visit!

Keep in mind I have not visited every coffee shop in Orlando (yet) so this list may adjust, but I will try to keep it as up to date as possible, whether a location closes or I try an amazing new place. Orlando is always changing! If you notice any of my information is incorrect/ outdated please email me 🙂 


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