About Me

Hello friends!

My name is Samantha Terry, but you can just call me Sam. I live in Kissimmee, FL (home of Disney and about 2 million tourist shops) with my fiance and our small zoo. I spend most weeks working from home or at small cafes, planning trips I hope to go on some day, and hitting up local thrift stores.

My passions include animal rescue (I have fostered about 10 cats and a few dogs), exploring new cities, eating new foods, and buying more plants I definitely need.

I have always loved documenting everything from traveling to my food & wellness journey. While I love my Instagram and my many journals I wanted a space to really talk and share the things I have learned and to connect with other plant loving- travel obsessed- dog moms (and dads)! 

Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions or suggestions you have, you can reach me at sam@blondelivingguide.com!

<3 Sam