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25 At Home Date Ideas

Whether you are trying to save money, don’t feel like putting on pants, or are just trying to kill time in quarantine, I have some easy, entertaining, and most importantly cheap at home date ideas to keep you busy.

My 25 favorite at home date ideas for a fun night in:

  1. Puzzles– Okay. This sounds boring, but the sense of accomplishment when you finish a puzzle is pretty great. We will put on a record and quietly work together for hours.
  2. Painting with a twist– All you need is paint, a canvas, and Bob Ross on Netflix. Or you can go rogue and paint each other!
  3. Movie night– But do it right. You need popcorn, candy, and maybe a good old fashioned blanket fort. Then you each pick one movie that the other hasn’t seen so you can show each other something new.
  4. Plan a trip– While you spend the night at home, dream of other places you want to go together and plot your future vacation. Think about what you would eat, where you would visit, what you would buy… Italy, France, Australia, the possibilities are endless.
  5. Cook– Competition style like Chopped, or a friendlier evening making a meal together (check out my recipe board on Pinterest for ideas!).
  6. Breakfast for dinner– Whether you order in diner food or make it at home you can’t go wrong with some waffles, or my personal favorite- french toast.
  7. Read a book– You can read to each other, or just read your own books together in companionable silence. Check out my book rec list if you need inspiration!
  8. Board games– Some good 2 player games are card games like Uno and Fluxx. You can also play table top games like Pandemic, Codenames Duet, and Scrabble.
  9. Video Games– If gaming is something one of you already enjoys then that partner can show the newbie the ropes, or if you both love playing that’s even better!
  10. Exercise– Get fit together! There are so many free exercise videos on YouTube. I love Yoga With Adriene for a good stretch and light burn. Pamela Reif is great if you really want to work up a sweat!
  11. Learn a skill– Sites like Skillshare have free trials and cover everything from how to juggle to how to give a proper massage (a great date night class).
  12. Learn a language– You can use an app like Duolingo, or if you have a library card, check out their online resources. Our local library has a free program for learning new languages!
  13. Go for a walk– Okay this one isn’t technically at home, but if you can leave your house for even a short walk around the block fresh air is good for the soul!
  14. Stargazing– There are lots of apps now for finding constellations, or you can make up your own!
  15. At-home mixology class– This is for my 21+ readers. Go on YouTube to watch the professionals show you how to make your favorite drinks. There are websites where you  can enter what booze and mixers you have on hand and it tells you what cocktails you can create!
  16. Make a competition– Go old school with some friendly competition. Play trashket ball, staring contests, thumb wars- or a relay of a few different activities!
  17. Dance– All you need is music and a little space for dancing. You can turn your living room into a club or practice your slow dancing on the patio.
  18. Share childhood stories– Cuddle up on the couch with a hot drink and share your memories. Embarrassing, cute, funny- share them all! The more you know about each other the better right?
  19. Plan for the future– As far as you feel comfortable discussing. Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years? If it’s a newer relationship you can just make bucket lists of things you want to do this year.
  20. Let Instagram decide your day– Use the poll feature on Instagram to let your followers decide: Fancy or casual dress? Dessert first or last? What movie should you watch? Leaving the decisions up to someone else adds a fun layer of suspense.
  21. Make a tik tok– Listen. Those dances are HARD. Even if you go for a different type of tik tok, like a challenge or a quiz, it will be so fun to post your videos and watch the views go up!
  22. Fire pit– Not everyone has this option available to them but if you do, light her up and make some s’mores by the fire. Very romantic date with minimal cost.
  23. Karaoke– You can use YouTube, or even Spotify has instrumental versions of your favorite songs. So break out the mic (or a hair brush), a little courage, and sing your heart out!
  24. Spa date– This one may take some convincing but you will feel so refreshed after a face mask and mani-pedi. Repeat after me: Normalize healthy skin and nails for every gender!
  25. Arts & Crafts– The possibilities are endless here: tie dye, a date jar, a time capsule, make matching shirts, or decorate mugs. Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas!

What are your favorite at home date ideas? Tell me in the comments!

25 stay at home date ideas

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